Sales Rehab Podcast
Episode 24: Best of 2015 Sales Rehab

We've compiled the best clips from our wonderful guests of 2015, including:

  • Tom Ziglar
  • Geoffrey Moore
  • Rita McGrath
  • Jill Konrath
  • Jill Rowley
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • Dave Kurlan

Thank you to these special guests!

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Episode 23: Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan from the Objective Management Group joins Sales Rehab to discuss what has and hasn't changed in Sales, what really motivates salespeople, hiring the wrong salespeople, and tools that can help make sure organizations are hiring smarter sellers that can perform.

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Episode 22: [REPLAY] How Sales Teams Can Win More Opportunities

According to recent research from Primary Intelligence, less than half of all sellers understand buyer needs. Listen to this Webinar replay, "How Sales Teams Can Win More Deals"

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Listen to this episode with special guest Guy Kawasaki, former Chief Evangelist of Apple/MacIntosh along side visionary Steve Jobs and current Chief Evangelist of Canva, as he shares his social media best practices, how much posting is too much (or not enough), marketing/sales today, his "NPR model" and content marketing, and thoughts behind his mantra "Keep Calm and Keep Posting."

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Episode 20: Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist

Listen to Episode 20 to hear special guest and Social Selling guru, Jill Rowley, speak with Frank about:

  • The complexity and multiple nuances of Social Selling that require solid social skills
  • Social Selling as an additional toolset for sellers as part of a bigger sales process, that can be used as a communication tool to find and converse with buyers
  • How Social Selling can be used as a research tool for sellers to get informed about their buyers
  • Why sellers should not only read their own content that Marketing is providing, but to share it with their social networks
  • Marketing’s role and the changing role of Sales Enablement, bordering a blurry line between Sales and Marketing as a result of today’s modern buyer
  • The importance for sellers to engage earlier in stages of awareness with buyers to educate and help shape the solution vision with buyers
  • Social Selling as a relationship building tool, if used with good judgment
  • Why Social Selling is NOT random and should be embraced on an organizational level, top-down starting with the Board of Directors and executives
  • Impact of social networking on your digital reputation and the dangers of being “social slutty” or “social stupid”
  • How video can be a part of a Social Selling strategy if done smart and with good judgment 
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Episode 19: Rita Gunther McGrath

Sales Rehab welcomes special guest, Rita Gunther McGrath to the show as she talks about the concept behind her popular book, The End of the Competitive Advantage, as well as several other topical issues:

  • Another Silicon Valley bubble
  • How salespeople should take a broader view of their roles within a company to take more ownership
  • Gold standard of company positioning within the market
  • The muddled space of “thought leadership” and the confusion it creates for buyers
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Episode 18: [Part 2] Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Geoffrey Moore

Listen to our second segment with special guest, Geoffrey Moore as he talks about high tech selling and other current trends in Sales. This is Part 2 of 2 in our conversation with Geoffrey.

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Well-known author and consultant, Dr. Geoffrey Moore, joins Sales Rehab to discuss trends in selling today, as well as the importance of creating a trusted advisor relationship with buyers. He speaks to the adaptive personality that sellers must have to be more successful, crossing generational barriers, being an actively empathetic listener of the problem, and how selling in a digital world has become a total game changer for Sales. [This segment is Part 1 of 2 with Mr. Moore.]

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Listen to Frank’s exclusive conversation with Tom Ziglar, son of icon Zig Ziglar, as he talks about Sales and:

  • The importance of trust as the foundation for selling
  • Use of social media to build your own personal brand of trust – not to close leads
  • How to increase your “trust factor” over time
  •  The difference between success and significance
  •  The “performance formula”
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Sales industry/thought leader, best-selling author and speaker Jill Konrath shares her insight into current trends in Sales and some key advice for today's seller to be successful.

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