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March 2016
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Episode 30: Mark Roberge Joins Sales Rehab

In Episode 30, former CRO of HubSpot, author of the Sales Acceleration Formula and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, Mark Roberge joins CCS® President/COO and Sales Rehab host Frank Visgatis to share his insights into current sales trends including:

  • How changes in buying behavior has fed the inbound movement
  • Necessary balance between inbound and outbound sales
  • Cold calling isn’t dead and is still necessary in today’s selling efforts
  • Need for diverse demand generation
  • Inside-out approach (old) vs. outside-in approach (new, which focuses on the buyer)
  • Aligning with today’s empowered buyer
  • Involving multi-stakeholders from the beginning of the cycle
  • Dangers of selling to non-decision makers at low levels (from inbound “leads”)
  • What great salespeople do to engage with buyers in the self-educated buying cycle – putting everything into context that’s relevant to them
  • Sense of urgency development
  • Dangers of getting “happy ears” from inbound activity
  • Take on Q4 and the dangerous behaviors seen at year-end going into the new year
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Episode 29: Ralph Barsi Joins Sales Rehab

In Episode 29, Inside Sales Leader and head of Global Sales Development at ServiceNow, Ralph Barsi, joins CCS® President/COO and Sales Rehab host Frank Visgatis to share valuable insight for sellers that includes:

  • Importance of following sales process entering the year-end stretch
  • 5 key barriers to hitting quota
  • Difference between product training and sales training
  • Importance of strong verbal and written communication skills
  • “Looking” cycles vs. “Buying” cycles and why DISqualification doesn’t have to be a bad word
  • Concept of have a “trigger” to help salespeople pull through the hard times
  • How failure can actually be a positive thing
  • The #1 most important thing salespeople should focus on going into the year-end crunch 

Ralph stresses that all salespeople can perform better than they are right now. Don’t miss this insightful episode to hear Ralph’s expert advice and sales tips!

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Episode 28: Jeb Blount Talks Fanatical Prospecting

Fanatical ProspectingYou don't want to miss this episode with Sales Gravy's own Jeb Blount as he talks with CCS® President and host, Frank Visgatis, about:

  • #1 reason why salespeople fail
  • Importance of prospecting
  • Dangers of hiding behind email or social media
  • Utilizing ALL tools available to you
  • Multi-channel, balanced approach to prospecting
  • What top sellers do to be successful
  • Teaching people how to sell at ALL ages, including millennials
  • Need and importance of regular PRACTICE and role-playing to make winning habits "stick"
  • Understanding human behavior in selling
  • Communication in Sales
  • Concept of "time-blocking" in prospecting and how it can help sellers do more in less time
  • "30-day" rule
  • How often sellers should spend prospecting
  • Jeb's new book, Fanatical Prospecting, now available on Amazon
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Episode 27: Koka Sexton Joins Sales Rehab

Koka Sexton, Social Selling Expert and Head for Social Media LinkedIn Joins Frank Visgatis to Talk Social Selling. In his discussion with Frank, Koka explains:

  • The difference between social media and social selling
  • Why sellers should have a "connection philosophy" and how it should integrate with the buying process
  • What to do after connecting with decision makers
  • The importance of VALUE in feeding your connections with content that is relevant and of interest to THEM, not you
  • Why you should NOT ask for a call/meeting right after connecting with decision makers
  • Building a network of decision makers, monitoring them and bringing them into the fold over time with valuable content
  • How to measure social selling activities through the Social Selling Index
  • How to get started with social selling

Listen to Episode 27 now to hear Koka!

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Episode 26: Ken Allred Talks Buyer Needs

Ken Allred, CEO of Primary Intelligence, talks with Frank about the central importance of Buyer Needs in Sales today and how his organization helps companies discover where their sellers have gone wrong in understanding and aligning with those needs.

Ken also discusses:

  • #1 challenge for sellers today
  • Most common mistake companies make with obtaining loss reports
  • Where companies should look for root causes in losses
  • The KEY that companies who WIN possess and understand, that their competitors do not
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Episode 25: Steve Tobak Joins Sales Rehab

Author of "Real Leaders Don't Follow" and Fox Business columnist, Steve Tobak, joins Frank in this provocative episode where they discuss:

  • Current trends (and fads) in entrepreneurship/business
  • Could we be on the verge of another tech bubble?
  • How failure can be used as a very useful learning tool, especially for millenials
  • The challenge for millenial sellers today who aren't as socialized as previous generations of salespeople ("clicking isn't selling")
  • Why communications is one of the best degrees today's graduates can have, for both business and life
  • The concept of salespeople as corporate entrepreneurs, to connect with people, understand their needs and fulfill them
  • How the role of Marketing has changed over the years where it is (and should be) the front-end of the sales process
    • Why Marketing should break silos and be tied to the hip with Sales and Product Development for organizations to be truly successful
  • And Steve shares his secret for what he considers the single most important thing to do in order to be successful today

Steve is a former senior executive, author and columnist for Fox Business, CBS News and Entrepreneur. Visit for more information or to get in touch with him.

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